Discover the exclusive collaboration between TOKIDOKI & Le Tapis Rouge Paris



Our team is proud to announce an exceptional collaboration with fashion and design brand TOKIDOKI.

This exclusive and limited collaboration has given rise to a series of 6 unique rugs that combine the exceptional world of TOKIDOKI with the quality and expertise of our brand.

TOKIDOKI, founded by Pooneh Mohajer and Simone Legno, is renowned for its colorful, original designs that have won over fashion and design enthusiasts around the world. Their world is imbued with an artistic vision that harmonizes perfectly with the spirit of Le Tapis Rouge Paris.

Each rug in this new Collection is the fruit of close collaboration between our two brands.

TOKIDOKI's colorful motifs and original designs have been skilfully transposed onto our PETA-approved Vegan synthetic fur rugs. 

We're proud to present you with the fruits of our labor, and we're sure you'll appreciate these unique rugs that add a touch of whimsy to any interior.

You can be sure that this cooperation is the start of a long series of collaborations between Le Tapis Rouge Paris and many brands that share our vision.  

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