The best pet names in 2023 : The letter U

Le Tapis Rouge Paris - The best names for your pet in 2023

In 2023, the letter U will have pride of place in the names of your future pets

Choosing a pet's name isn't always easy. It's an important step, because the pet's name will follow it for the rest of its life. Le Tapis Rouge Paris helps you find a name for your cat and/or dog born in 2023, with a few ideas for names beginning with the letter "U".

This year marks the 21e letter of the alphabet, according to the standard applied by official canine authorities in France.

Choosing the right name for your dog or cat?

Our team advises you to start with ashort andsimple name for your pet, so that it can easily understand it. That's why we recommend names with one or two syllables !

Some ideas for pet names with the letter U 

  • Union
  • Unique
  • Uno
  • Upper
  • Urban
  • Urby
  • Urchin
  • Urgo
  • Urion
  • Ursule
  • Udine
  • Uka
  • Ukraine
  • Ula / Ulla
  • Ulane
  • Ulka
  • Uma
  • Umbra
  • Umpa
  • Umsa
  • Umy
  • Una
  • Undra
  • Unka
  • Unna
  • Upsa
  • Upsie
  • Urka
  • Urly
  • Ushka
  • Uska
  • Utah
  • Usko
  • Ustel
  • Utop
  • Uzi / Uzzi
  • Uzik
  • Uzo
  • Uzou

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